.223 Remington Max Cavitator

100% Copper Projectile. Note: The Brass line is temporarily not available. We are working to return to market.

20 rounds per box
Weight : 62 Grains
Speed: 2800 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 1080 Foot-Pounds


The Max Cavitator in .223 Remington is a revolutionary Rifle Round. The patent-pending swirl cut creates a massive wound channel by manipulating hydro-static pressures upon penetration. The unique frame allows the projectile to 'SUPER CAVITATE' 3 times in as little as 16 inches of penetration and creates a wound path as large as 3.5 inches wide. The accuracy is afforded mainly by the monolithic lathed construction, which is more accurate and cost efficient than filling a thin copper jacket with lead perfectly evenly.


The Max Cavitator .223 Remington creates comparable energy to a DPX round but is more lethal as a result of the hydro-static cavitation which increases the likelyhood of critical damage instead of passing through the target. The bullets also present a very thin cross-section to obstacles like auto bodies, punching rather than pushing through metal. The result is excellent barrier penetration without sacrificing the full .30 caliber wound channel. 

 Please Allow 14-21 days for Delivery