SKU: 859665005000

20 rounds per box
Weight : 150 Grains
Speed : 1375 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 693 Foot-Pounds


Made of 100% Copper, the 10mm Tango Round is the highest energy handgun round we produce.  So much energy is expended that we needed to limit the projectile to three (3) tangs instead of the 4 tang design as in the .40S&W round.  The 10mm Tango has more muzzle energy then any FMJ and most specialty defensive rounds.  The best part is that the energy is transferred within 11 inches within 10% FBI Gel.  The incredible energy delivered is equivalent to mmost 165 grain 44 Magnum rounds but without the recoil.


The 10mm Tango recoil in a Glock 20 has less recoil than a .40 S&W JHP in a Glock 22.  With the light 150 grain round flying out of the barrel at 1375 Feet Per Second you will achieve accuracies and follow up shots previously unachieved with other ammunitions.

 Please Allow 14-21 days for Delivery