Operators American Tactical Hardware (OATH)


12gauge Tango Shot Gun Round

Introducing in 2016 the TSR (Tango Shot Gun Round) is available in Brass (Sept 2016), Aluminum and Nylon casing. The 100% Copper TSR Projectile is 602 grain and delivers close to 2,000 ft;-lbs of muzzle energy. See more


Tango Handgun Self Defense Rounds

100% Copper with Patent Pending frangible technology.  The Tango Handgun rounds do not overpenetrate and blossom with lethal tangs inside the target.  This offers safe discharge and avoids over penetration to collateral damage back stop. 100% transference of energy to the target, with reduced weight projectiles in each class make the Tango arguably the best defensive round in the world. See more


HALO Match Grade Handgun Rounds


Introducing the 100% Copper, the Halo Match Grade Handgun rounds with their distinctive halo ledge which offers the best cavitation of any ball ammo round.  The Halo has unmatched accuracy using copper instead of FMJ construction.  The 'green' target match ammunition for the discriminating shooter and the lowest price in the industry. See more



223 Remington Max Cavitator Round

Introducing the 100% Copper, 223 Rem Max Cavitator Round.  The highest cavity producing 223 Remington Round in production. The unique air frame projectile creates cavitation unsurpassed by other 223 Remington rounds.  See more 


300 AAC Blackout (Subsonic)

Introducing the 100% Copper with Aluminum casing 300 AAC Subsonic Blackout.  Considered to be the best 300 AAC Blackout available on the market today, it's unique all copper projectile and aluminum case make it the right choice for the tactical platform. See more 


OATH Match Grade Rifle Rounds (Supersonic and Subsonic)

Made of 100% Copper , Oath makes a vareity of the most popular rifle rounds. 300 AAC Blackout (Supersonic/Subsonic), 300 Win Mag, 308 Match Grade, 308 Sub Sonic, 338 Lapua (Brass/Copper), and 7.7 Ariska. See more 





5 Rounds per Package


 Dealer/Distributor Sales Contact:  Corey@OATHammo.com