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20 rounds per box
Weight : 163 Grains
Speed : 1100 Feet per Second

Muzzle Energy: 463 Foot-Pounds



The 100% Copper Tango 45 ACP round delivers what no other 45 ACP can. Opening with six tangs the 45 ACP produces the largest wound channel and stopping power of any 45 ACP round in the world. Though there are rounds more powerful, none match the stopping power of the 45 ACP Tango.  The 45 ACP opens up to over 1 1/2 inches creating over 4 inches sustained wound channel.  The best part is the penetration, the 45 ACP Tango main ninja star projectile penetrates about 10 inches in 10% gel.  That is 463 Ft-lbs of Muzzle Energy coming to a stop in 10 inches- knock down power.  No back stop required except for the target falling backwards as the OATH round stays in the target delivering 100% of it's energy.  That is real stopping power, but don't take our word for it there is plenty of Youtube videos out there raving about the 45 ACP round. 


Because of the low grain weight of 163 grains, the 45 ACP recoil is minimal making it pleasureful to shoot in the smaller frame 45 ACP pistols like the Springfield XDS or Glock 36. The rounded projectile plug assures proper feeding and chambering as well.  This is our most popular round with law enforcement because of it's take down power with one round and lower risk of collateral damage from over penetrating.


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