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20 rounds per box

Weight : 110 Grains
Speed : 1200 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 352 Foot-Pounds


The 100% Copper 9mm Tango round is the best defensive hand gun round for those concerned with over penetration.  Historically, the 9mmx19 Luger has incredible penetration capabilities because of it's size and conical shape, and with that comes danger in confined areas where misplaced shots could result in collateral damage to back stops. This is a big concern because the majority of hand guns being carried either OWB or concealed are 9mm, and each year new pistols are introduced that capitalize on this popular round.  The 9mm Tango penetrates about 9 to 11 inches in 10% FBI gel.  Expanding 1 3/16 inches and making anywhere from a 3 to 4 inch wound channel.


Oath Ammo takes the 9mm to a whole new level of accuracy for a defensive round, and eliminates recoil to the point where you'll think your shooting a 32 acp but with the stopping power of a 124 grain JHP.  The 9mm Tango is one of our most popular rounds for city dwellers who can not afford over penetration in apartment buildings or condominiums, and police departments that want to assure no collateral damage during fire fights in urban areas with spectators. 


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